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Making our capabilities instruments in enhancing lives

The thought behind transitioning the years of passion towards making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities is envisioned to improve the lives of the Georgian population. Our services are offered to those seeking health and companionship services at home. We aim to improve lives by 25% by 2025 through the community-based health care services that we, Care Services Network, provide.

Our Mission

We are committed to sharing our competence with others who have limited and lesser capabilities in achieving their prime health and accomplishing their responsibilities. Our capacity and compassion will act as support for their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness for them to live in comfort and prosperity.

Our Vision

With the effectiveness of our services and performance, we envision bringing happiness and relief to our patients. We hope to satisfy their expectations and enhance their wellness by implementing our standards of quality service.

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Owner’s Biography

I have always wanted to give back to America for the opportunities accorded me, which would not have been possible or rather would have eventually materialized at a far more compromising expense in my country of birth, Nigeria. I started to do this by first attempting to join the United States Military. But I fell short of this goal due to age disqualification as I was above the considerable age when I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitation Services. I had my Bachelors in Business Administration from the College of Technology Lagos, Nigeria, and was passionate about the field of Law. However, my finances and passion for making a difference brought me to the Rehabilitation field. One of my initial work opportunities was working at a Group Home called Emmanual Group Home, where I worked as an Attendant and Caregiver. In attempting to further consolidate a career in this field, I learned that the California Department of Rehabilitation is a good government agency that hires and trains counselors. Due to my Business Administration background and the almost impossible task of becoming a counselor with the State of California— in less than a year of arriving in the United States, I was advised to consider applying for the position of Support Services Assistant. This designation required me to assist and drive counselors with visual and functional impairments to their daily appointments.

I worked under Ms. Grace Burke at the commerce branch, where I assisted a student graduate by Ms. Zecorro Vasquez with her clerical duties and transportation to various appointments. The office supervisor, Ms. Gracie Burke, took an interest in me. Hence, when Ms. Vasquez completed her graduate work and was about to leave the department, she made several contacts with other supervisory colleagues in attempting to retain me within the department. To this end, I met and interviewed Mr. Ken Elvington, Counselor of the Greater Los Angeles District, who is now a Supervisor at the Fresno District. We developed remarkable work chemistry, and my assistance was significant that he consecutively became the counselor with most summation of rehabilitated clients for several years of working with him. Mr. Elvington also assisted me in researching the possibility of applying to take a counselor entrance examination, which was before my encounter with him, I thought was impossible due to my Business Administration background. I was delighted when the CERT Unit informed me that my evaluated credentials would qualify me to interview for the counselor position with the California Dept. of Rehabilitation. Before this, I had also worked as a Substitute Teachers’ Aide in the Los Angeles County Office of Education. I was under Mr. Adeyinka Thomas, who is now deceased as well. I recommend him from supervisory offices with whom I have worked with the department, which helped me secure a full-time job as Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Qualify Rehabilitation Professional.

The State of California, under the supervision of Ms. Susan Senior of the Compton Branch, also wrote a grant on my behalf, which helped me to complete my Master’s Degree in Counseling from California State University, where I completed my degree in Rehabilitation Services. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs recruited me after working with State Rehabilitation Services for five (5) years. I later worked in the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs for twelve (12) years before retiring in 2019 from Fort Gordon Army Base, where I worked as an IDES Counselor. I helped service members with a medical condition transition from current Military Occupation Specialty to Civilian Careers under Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Services) for six years. I met my lovely wife, Mrs. Amidat Omobolanle Adeyemi, in Los Angeles while she was a student at Georgia Tech, where she was studying for a Ph. D in Chemistry. Together we have three (3) wonderful children, ages 13, 11, and 9. Her passion for the medical field led to our decision to relocate to Georgia from Los Angeles.

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